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about us

Milestone-Studio is an innovation design-based consultancy service passionate about human-centered design (HCD) methodologies. We empower a diverse clientele, including forward-thinking companies, trailblazing innovators, prominent corporations, impactful non-profit organizations, visionary civic entities, and esteemed educational institutions.

Our mission? To breathe life into your ideas, elevate your impact, untangle complex problems, and craft strategic pathways for growth and efficiency. 

We don't just work for you; we work with you, nurturing a dynamic synergy that sparks transformative results.

Founded in 2009 by Oded Shorer, Milestone-Studio operates on a project-based collaboration model that unlocks a treasure trove of expertise from a multitude of fields. This approach fosters enduring partnerships and collaborations tailored to unique needs, ensuring every engagement is a milestone in your journey. 


NON-commercial PROJECTS

Every creative entity has the urge to explore, experience and reveal new approaches, technologies, collaborations, and boundaries. This section represents non-commercial projects where we were involved in the creative and production processes. 



Milestone Studio Labs is a social impact innovation consulting firm specializing in cross-sector collaborations that result in tangible impact and social change.  

We believe that real social change and impact can come only when those who live with a challenge directly work hand in hand with those trying to solve it. The Lab’s expertise is facilitating these connections - creating real, impactful innovation.


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