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Multi-use curing light



Milestone-Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio providing product realization, from concept to production. We combine research, concept development, technology and aesthetics with our engineering and production network, fine-tuned to our client’s needs.

Founded in 2009 by Oded Shorer, Milestone-Studio has brought dozens of products to market in a wide range of sectors. 

The studio applies a project-based collaboration methodology, and as such established a large pool of experts from various fields, as well as long and short-term partnerships and collaborations.  


NON-commercial PROJECTS

Every creative entity has the urge to explore, experience and reveal new approaches, technologies, collaborations, and boundaries. This section represents non-commercial projects where we were involved in the creative and production processes. 



Milestone Studio Labs is a social impact innovation consulting firm specializing in cross-sector collaborations that result in tangible impact and social change.  

We believe that real social change and impact can come only when those who live with a challenge directly work hand in hand with those trying to solve it. The Lab’s expertise is facilitating these connections - creating real, impactful innovation.


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